Allanton – Allanbank Hall (no longer standing)

Pearlin Jean named after her lacy dress, is said to have resisted several exorcism attempts while the building stood.

Bonchester Bridge – A6088

A phantom Roman legion is said to march along this road, coming from the direction of Chesters.

Cessford – Marlfield House

An invisible entity can be felt moving quickly along the corridors of the building.

Cranshaws – Cranshaws Tower

A friendly ghost would help keep the building clean and tidy, though it left for good after a servant criticised the quality of its work.

Duns – Duns Castle

Alexander Hay was killed at Waterloo, but returned home. Another soldier, this time a young teenager, hangs around the building that was once his former barracks.

Duns – Manderston House

An Edwardian Woman taking the form of a misty figure is believed to be the wife of Sir James Miller.

Ednam – Nearby mound known as the Piper’s Grave (aka Pictís Knowe)

This spot is haunted by a piper who entered Pictís Knowe believing the fairies within the mound would teach him new tunes, but he was never seen again.

Ettrick – Ettrick Hall (no longer standing, was located top of Ettrick Water)

Legend has it that around 1700 a James Anderson demolished several cottages in order to clear space for the construction of this hall. Left homeless, the villagers cursed the building, saying that the structure would not stand for long. Indeed, all trace of the hall has long been removed.

Ettrick Waters – River

Shellycoat is a playful ghost dressed in a shell covered jacket. He normally hides in the river, trying to lure people close to the cold waters.

Galashiels – Buckholm Tower

Ghostly hounds can be heard chasing the soul of the evil Laird of Buckholm in June, on the anniversary of his death. These hounds are reported to normally walk the dungeon located within the tower.

Hawick – Hermitage Castle

Boiled alive in lead by peasants who had grown tired of his wicked ways, William of Soulis, now returns to haunt the castle ruins. It is said the ghost of Mary Queen of Scots also haunts the building. Another entity is also reported here – starved to death in the dungeon, the ghost of Sir Alex Ramsey now walks the castle grounds. Some believe there is hidden treasure under the ruins of the castle, but the Devil watches over it – when people have tried to search for the hoard in the past, violent storms have driven them away.

Hobkirk ñ Church

In the Eighteenth century this church was haunted by ghosts, but was exorcised by a local minister.

Houndwood – Houndwood House

Only the lower part of this ghost has been seen, walking around the building.

Innerleithen – Traquair House

Lady Louisa Stuart has been observed drifting around the grounds of the building. The ghost of Bonny Prince Charlie also sometimes returns back to the castle.

Jedburgh – Ferniehirst Castle

A Green Lady has been observed in the large house.

Jedburgh – Jedburgh Castle

In October 1285, a wedding celebration was visited by an unknown hooded figure with a skull face. The figure then vanished, leaving many startled people behind. Some people maintain the building is still haunted.

Kelso – Roxburgh Castle

James II was killed storming the castle, and it is reportedly his ghost on horseback that still charges around the area.

Lauder – Thirlstane Castle

The ghost of John Maitland haunts Thirlstane Castle.

Maxton – Littledean Tower

On stormy nights the ghost of the Laird of Littledean hall, killed by a local witch, can be seen riding his mare.

Melrose – Abbotsford House

Sir Walter Scott, the Romantic author, can sometimes be seen glazing out of the dining room window across his former lands. Scott is said to have claimed that the house was haunted by George Bullock, his former assistant.

Melrose – Eildon Hills

The fairy queen kidnapped Thomas the Rhymer in this area, returning him from the fairy kingdom in the same place seven years later.

Melrose – George And Abbotsford Hotel

Guests in bedrooms on the top floor have reported hearing footsteps above them, even though there is only the roof above.

Melrose – Melrose Abbey

An evil monk is said to have risen his grave at Melrose Abbey as a vampire, to feed at a local nunnery. When the other monks discovered this, the bravest stayed up one night with a large axe, and when the vampire climbed out of its tomb, it was beheaded. The vampire’s evil presence still remains in the abbey. The building is also said to be the final resting place of Michael Scot, a great wizard who is rumoured to have discovered the secret of flying.


Roman soldiers can be heard marching across the land after dark.

Peebles – Castle Venlaw Hotel

The sounds of sighing have been reported from a bedroom in Castle Venlaw Hotel. It is thought to be the sound of a guest who committed suicide by leaping from the window.

Peebles – Cross Keys Hotel

This ghost of Marion Ritchie likes to talk to guests at the Cross Keys Hotel. Room 5 is said to be particularly active.

Peebles – Neidpath Castle

A ìWhite Womanî flitters around the building, having died of a broken heart.

Peebles – Tibbie Shiel’s Inn

Determined to keep an eye on the business that she started, the ghost of Isabelle ‘Tibbie’ Shiel haunts her inn, sometimes startling guests with her sudden appearances.

Selkirk – B7009 between town and Langholm

A phantom Grey Dog walks silently along this road at dawn and dusk.


A local legend says that the marshland east of the town has taken at least three lives, and is always on the lookout for more. The dead can be heard talking in hushed tones around the waters.

Selkirk – Newark Castle

The castle is said to contain the ghosts of the women and children murdered by brutal soldiers at the site, who are heard on the 13 September every year.

Selkirk – Shoemakers

A shoemaker in the town once made a pair of shoes for a stranger donned in a black cape. The man walked into the local churchyard and vanished into a grave. The shoemaker returned later with some friends and dug the grave up, discovering the corpse wearing a brand new pair of shoes.

Shankend – Manor house

The ghosts of World War One German PoWs who died while being held here are said to create a presence so repelling it drives all away.

St Boswells – Dryburgh Abbey Hotel (particularly room 216)

A clergyman dressed in black clothing, has been seen several times. He was killed after it was discovered that he and the Lady of the Manor were romantically involved, and it is reported that she took her own life after discovering the preacher’s death. She now takes the form of a grey lady seen in the hotel. Plainchant has been reported from the former abbey.