battle of killiecrankie

Ghostly Battle at Killiecrankie

To this day, on certain nights, ghostly soldiers can be seen reenacting the Battle of Killiecrankie

The Battle of Killiecrankie was fought as part of the Jacobite uprisings. The Jacobites wanted to return James VII and the descendants of the House of Stuart to the throne.

At Killiecrankie the Jacobite Army, mainly made up of highlanders, employed the fearsome ‘Highland Charge’ to deadly effect, defeating the army of William of Orange.

1. The Highlanders fire a volley at a range of 50m, before throwing down their muskets and charging down the slopes of Creag Eallaich.

2. The Highlander front rank is made up of better armed, more important Chieftains, Tacksmen, Caterans and Cearnach. Each carries a musket, broadsword, Targe, pistol, dirk, powder horn and pouch for ammunition.

3. Rear ranks are formed by poorer, less well armed Kerns. Many carry only a long knife known as a ‘Dirk’ or ‘Sgian’.

4. As part of the Highland Charge, the highlanders scream a terrifying battlecry to intimidate their opponents.

5. Highland Pipes skirling.

6. Many of the Highlanders wear Plaid woven material.

7. Jacobite Hussars (horsemen) charge into the centre of the government forces causing them to flee.

8. Soldiers Leap. Legend tells of one soldier forced to leap to his death from a cliff, pursued by highlanders.

9. Bonnie Dundee is hit by Government musket fire.

10. The charging Highlanders face cannon fire.

11. The Government army is led by Hugh McKay.

12. Basket Hilted Broadsword (Claidheamh mor or ‘Claymore’).

13. Lochaber Scottish Axe.

14. Dirk (long knife) carried underneath Targe (shield) for quick use.

15. Turkish sword (single bladed sword).

16. Two Handed Sword (Claidheamh Da Laimh).

17. A pair of pistols.