Rosslyn Chapel

Rosslyn Chapel was built in the 15th Century just 7 miles South of Edinburgh. For a long time it has been associated with free masonry, the Knights Templar and mysteries such as Dan Brown’s Book, the Da Vinci Code.  The interior of the Chapel is decorated with exquisite and elaborate stone carvings that some think contain a coded message.

One legend of Rosslyn begins with a Master Stone Mason, one of the men behind the Chapel’s exceptional carvings. This mason decided that he wanted to carve a stone column that would surpass all the others in beauty and artistic prowess.


He doubted that he possessed the skills to create such a work of art, and so he said farewell to his trusted apprentice, and set out to travel overseas.

At that time, the city of Rome was home to some of the greatest stone masons in the world so he made the perilous voyage to Italy.

There he found an expert teacher only too willing to help out a fellow stone mason. He learned the many secret skills and techniques that he sought.

When his tuition was complete he returned to Scotland. The journey was long and arduous but eventually he was back at Rosslyn Chapel ready to complete his master piece…

…only to find that his upstart apprentice had completed the pillar… And not only that, he had made such a skillfull job of it that the Master Mason could not have hoped to rival it.

In a fit of jealousy and rage the Master Mason took up his mallet and struck the apprentice a terrible blow on the head.

As the apprentice lay dying he issued a terrible curse. “Though I may die I will not rest.  I will haunt this cursed pillar.”

Thereafter, the spot has been haunted by a blood stain that reappears no matter how often it is cleaned.  A white blood drained face is also said to peer out from behind the pillar with large “troubled” eyes.  The end.